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Hello World

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"Hello World" redirects here. For the Iamus (computer) composition, see Hello World! (composition). For the 2009 compilation album by Michael Jackson, see Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection. For the song by Lady Antebellum, see Hello World (song).

A GUI "Hello World" program, written in Perl

It is possible to execute unsigned code on Sony's PlayStation Portable.

A light-programmable biofilm displaying the Hello World message

CNC machining test in Perspex

A "Hello world" program is a computer program that outputs "Hello, world" on a display device. Because it is typically one of the simplest programs possible in most programming languages, it is by tradition often used to illustrate to beginners the most basic syntax of a programming language, or to verify that a language or system is operating correctly.

In a device that does not display text, a simple program to produce a signal, such as turning on an LED, is often substituted for "Hello world" as the introductory program.